The LLC “Ukrprodsnackgroup” is one of the largest enterprises in Ukraine
manufacturing snack products and sunflower oil.

Our mission is simple: every employee contributes a part of his (her) own soul and professionalism to creating the highest quality product and bears full responsibility before the consumer. And these are not just words, they are proven by actions.

  • Every day our laboratory conducts strict control of raw products’ quality at all the stages of manufacturing, including the strict initial control of physical-chemical and safety indices.
  • The introduced system HACCP (ISO 22000) is the system of control of food products’ quality and safety.
  • The “hot line” functions in the company to have the feedback from our consumers.
  • We use only ecologically clean raw products for manufacturing, and they are not treated by any chemical reagents in the process of manufacturing.

The availability of our own storage facilities enables us to conduct permanent laboratory control during storing. The necessary temperature and ventilation conditions are constantly kept here.  Air humidity is also under constant control. The greatest advantage is the unique technology of storing raw products, due to which all physical-chemical properties of sunflower seeds remain unchanged. Each seed is roasted in hot air flow in special ovens at controlled temperatures, which enables to fry seeds uniformly, without adding oil, preserving their natural usefulness.

Fried sunflower seeds of the TMs “Tasty things from Sashka” [“Vkusnyashky vid Sashky”] and “People’s mark” [“Narodna Marka”] are genuine Ukrainian sunflower seeds, grown in Poltava region, ecologically clean region of Ukraine. The company offers a wide assortment of seeds to its consumers, which can satisfy tastes of the most demanding gourmets. The seeds are packed in metallized multi-layer film, which protects them from sunlight and moisture. The hermetical package prolongs the shelf life.

seed sunflower sashka 360x360

  seed sunflower nasha marka 360x360

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oliya dary dykanky 360x360

Rapid rates of development and demand among consumers inspired us to extend production and create the enterprise for manufacturing high quality sunflower oil. On December 23, 2010, the first line for producing and packaging sunflower oil having the TM “Gifts from Dykanka” [“Dary Dikanky”] was introduced. Later on sunflower oil under the TM “People’s mark” began to be produced. Only raw products of high quality are used for manufacturing. Our main principle is manufacturing of perfect, useful and ecologically pure product.

We are sure of the quality of our sunflower oil. The secret of our success is using pressing method, the advantage of which is the absence of extraction - chemical processing of oilcake for extracting oil residues and increasing the output of ready product. The production facilities are located in the village of Chernechyi Yar of Poltava region. As it is well-known, our region is the leader in the rating of the cleanest regions of Ukraine and it guarantees a high quality of raw products. The sunflower oil is packaged in bottles of different volume – from 0.7 to 5 liters. All bottles are made from the materials which are not harmful to human health, and their safety is confirmed by the corresponding certificates.

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We use bread baked according to the traditional leavened method for making bread croutons.

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Peanuts of the TM “Tasty things from Sashka” have the highest taste qualities and are made from raw products imported from Argentina.

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Corn curls of the TM “Gifts from Dykanka” are made by our own technology with adding natural dry milk and sunflower oil.

We always remember about the most important thing – trust of our consumers. Every day our specialists work at raising the quality of each product. There are no limits in perfection that is why we constantly improve our production lines and each stage of product control in order to achieve incomparable quality and taste.